The Groups application can be found on your My Store home page.

When you start to build up your inventory on Inzu it will soon become apparent that some items have information in common. When details need to be changed it can be time consuming to change each item one by one. “Groups” is a mini application that gets around that problem by allowing you to edit multiple items in one go.

An example would be if you needed to drop the price of all t-shirts. A group set up for t-shirts would allow you to set the price for all t-shirts in that group.

It is important to understand that although an item is part of a group you can edit individually as well. A group setting is only applied when you make a change to the group. An item can belong to multiple groups, so you may have a group that only affects prices and another that only affects the shipping, with a single item belonging to both groups.

The following settings can be changed:

Creating a group

After launching the Groups application create a new group. With a new group created, click the name of the group and you will be taken to the group edit screen.

Editing a group

The first thing to note about the edit page is the Yes/No options for each setting. This option decides whether the setting is included or not. Setting the include option to Yes will include the setting and No will exclude it. Note the currency setting is always included.

The options on the group edit page should be self-explanatory as they reflect the same fields you are used to seeing on the item upload and edit pages. Note that “Bundle price” refers to the price of a whole music release i.e. the cost of buying every track either as a CD, vinyl or download bundle.

Remember that by saving the settings on this page all items in the group will be affected!

Groups functions