Shipping costs on Inzu are broken down into two separate amounts, a “base shipping” amount that is applied to the order as a whole and a “per item” amount for each item bought. Note that both types of shipping are optional.

As delivery companies have very different ways to calculate shipping it is not possible to create a system that covers every single delivery company. Therefore you are advised to monitor your shipping charges and shipping costs, adjusting the shipping amounts if needed. Using the Groups application allows you to do this to multiple items at once.

Note that some countries apply a tax on shipping charges. If you are unsure about this or just want to save time it is recommended to turn on automatic tax calculations on your “Account Settings” page.

Shipping zones

There are four global shipping zones on Inzu:

Additionally a local shipping zone refers to a single country where you operate from, allowing you to set lower shipping costs for domestic orders.

Global settings

You can set your local shipping zone and base shipping rates in “Order prefernces” which is found on your My Store home page.