Music release

When you have created a new category or have clicked “Add item” in an existing category you will have the option to add a “Music release” item.

Music release items should be used for all music recordings sent by mail such as CDs as well as downloadable goods such as mp3s.

To add a music release item you will need the following information:

Item upload

After choosing the music release option on the “Add item” page you will see a form for uploading the item, note files for download or previewing tracks are uploaded on a subsequent page.

Catalogue number (required)

The catalogue number is a number/code that is unique to each release. The code covers all formats for that release and is used to group the separate formats e.g. 'INZU001' would be used for a CD, vinyl and MP3 item when part of the same release. Note each format is uploaded via a separate item upload form.

Release date (required)

This is the official release date of the release. Different formats can have a different release dates if required.

Short description (required)

The short description is typically displayed alongside the release artwork on a product listing page.

Long description (optional)

The long description is an opportunity to write a more lengthy piece about the release.

Sell item in (required)

At least one currency must be selected. Multiple currencies can be selected.

Format (required)

One format per item is to be chosen, with the catalogue number being used to unite the different formats. Currently Inzu supports the following formats; Digital-file (for downloads), CD, Vinyl and Cassette.

Note that downloads can be one of the following formats, in any quality settings that you upload; wav, mp3, aif.

Number of tracks (required)

Each release must contain at least one track and up to 99 can be listed per item.

If you select more than one track, a secondary drop-down will be displayed that allows you to change the track information for each track.

Track information (required)

For every track an information panel is available. Use the “SELECT TRACK” drop-down to choose a specific track.

Each track can have different information for the following fields:

Release title (conditional)

If your release has more than one track then you will be asked to provide a title for the whole release.

Release artist name (conditional)

If your release has more than one track then you will be asked to provide an artist name for the whole release.

Image (required)

This is the artwork for the release that will be shown on product listing pages.

Genre (optional)

This will in the future, help customers find you work on Inzu if you have an Inzu page.

Item ordering (optional)

This is a basic numerical ordering system that allows you to override the normal by-date ordering of items.

Tags (optional)

Tags are a simple bt very useful feature. They can be used in a number of different ways; the most common use is to link items by a tag or to link an item to an entry in the Inzu CMS. So perhaps you have a gallery of images in the CMS that are relevant to the release; instead of uploading them all again you can just add a tag to both the item and the gallery entry, then your website will be able to relate the two. This works for all product types and CMS entries whether it be news, galleries, video, events etc. This means your music pages can be full of useful and engaging information.