Categories are where your products are listed. You can perform a number of actions on the category itself from a category home page or use one of the many product functions to alter individual products.

Add item

Add a new item to the category.


Re-name a category.


You may use the currency option to force a particular category’s products to be for sale in a single currency. This option is generally only useful for users with an Inzu page that lists products in different currencies. It allows for a customer’s detected location/currency to be overridden and ensure products are displayed.


Sub-categories are for stores with a wide range of items that need to group products into smaller more user-friendly lists. Choose the “Sub-categories” drop-down and select the “Edit sub-categories” option to create sub-categories for the category currently being edited.

The next screen provides a sub-category list, one sub-category per line should be listed.

You may assign an item to a sub-category, either on upload of the item or when editing the item.


This option deletes the entire category and all of the contents. Be careful when using this option as it cannot be undone. You will be warned before proceeding.

Item functions

You can edit your item by clicking on the title of the listed item. There is also an array of buttons to the right-hand side of each listing that allows you to perform functions on each item.

Move item

The forward facing triangle allows you to move an item from the currently selected category to another category.

Item link

The item link page is represented by a chain symbol. The item link page offers a number of links that can be used to send customers directly to the Inzu payment gateway to purchase the item.

These "Buy now" links are especially useful in e-mails and social media.

Item deactivate

The padlock symbol on the item list is used for activating/deactivating an item. When an item is deactivated it remains in your category but is not for sale. A deactivated item will not appear on your Inzu Page.

If an item has variations you can decide to activate or deactivate variations individually, so if one variation is out of stock the rest can still be available.

Item delete

The item delete option removes an item from the category. This action cannot be undone and you will be warned before deleting an item. To remove a variation from an item this should be done by editing the item.

Assigning to a group

Group editing of items allows you to make changes to a set of items in one go such as currency, price, shipping, tax and tags. The group can consist of items distributed across multiple categories if so desired.

You may select items individually for inclusion in the group by selecting the far right check box on the item list, or by selecting all of the currently displayed items with a click of the “Check all” button.

With the items selected, choose a group from the “Select group” drop down and then click assign.

Note that items can be added to a group on upload, which means you do not have to enter values already set in the group (including price and shipping). To deselect an item from a group you should go to the group list page within the Groups application itself (found on the My Store homepage).

Edit all items

A number of options are available that affect all items in the category:


Moves all the items to a desired category.


Deletes all the items but preserves the category.

Set directory

Sets the product type. This is only relevant for users with an Inzu page; in the future it will allow customers to browse through all Inzu pages by product type.