Editing entries

When composing or editing an entry in the Inzu cloud CMS you can choose to save it in one of the following states:


You will see the ‘Tags' field at the bottom of every entry on the Inzu cloud CMS, and also in the ecommerce section.

Tags are a powerful way for you to relate entries to each other or mark them for some reason.

A good use of tags would be when you have a page that draws in content from different parts of Inzu. Perhaps you are putting on a concert and you want to have a page that features not only the details of the concert, but also ticketing information, merchandise, people's profiles and a gallery.

What you would do is tag your entries accordingly with a word/phrase (e.g. 'Hollywood Bowl’), then on the page for the Hollywood Bowl concert you simply search for content that has the tag 'Hollywood Bowl’ and only that content will be displayed. Now you have a content-rich page that is also easy to administer. Think of tags as a way to remix your content.

Tip: Tags can also be used to hide content with certain tags using the ‘tagHide' parameter.

Tags can also be used to single out an entry or a group of entries for display purposes. For example, you may want certain people's profiles on your personal page to be featured with a photo and full description with others being listed underneath them. By tagging the profiles you want to feature, your web designer can make sure those tagged entries are presented exactly the way you want.


The Blog section allows visitors to your website to leave comments for a particular entry. To prevent spam the comment is not automatically made available - instead to make a comment live you must click the 'make live' option next to the comment you want to make live.

Comments for an entry can be found by clicking the ‘comments' link at the top of its page.


With an entry saved, it is possible to reorder the list of entries for a content type by clicking the ‘Reorder’ button at the bottom of the entry list:

The entry list will now be in reorder mode - to move an entry simply click on the row for that entry, but do not click on the entry title or delete button.

With all the entries in the right order click ‘Save’, or ‘Cancel' to undo the changes made.

Note: The Inzu API will always present results by the order in which they were uploaded unless instructed otherwise - using the reordered list sequence is one of the options available.