Library Types

This page list all the Content Library types currently available on Inzu.


The Home Library is for content that appears only on your website’s home page - it comprises of text and an accompanying image. Multiple entries can be submitted, and you can include any other entries from the cloud CMS on your home page, such as galleries and news if you wish.


Similar to the Home Library, the About Library is a simple entry form for managing the About page on your website.


The News Library is designed to contain regular news updates to your site. The main article can be up to 6000 characters and an accompanying image or download can be included.


The Articles Library is suitable for pages not covered by other Content Library types, and includes the option to add file and image attachments. Articles can be sub-categorised to make finding different types easier, and to allow for users of your site to view articles by a certain category.


The Events Library helps you create well-ordered events pages for your site that can also be linked into Inzu’s ticketing system. Separate fields such those for venue, location, entrance fee and start time will let you design your events pages with full control over each data type, meaning your customers get a well-presented and easy-to-read listings page.

If you want to sell tickets for an event listed on the Events section, it is just a case of selecting that event from the Events lists and the new ticket entry will be associated with the event entry.

The ticket booking link will automatically be added to the event entry, giving your Events page an e-commerce facility all within a few minutes.


Create unlimited numbers of galleries with the ability to caption and re-order images at any time.


The People Library has a number of special fields that help you create a formalised profile of each person in your company or organisation, with data types such as name, sex, department, role etc.


The Video Library allows you to create a library of videos for your site. This is done by using embedding codes from sites like YouTube or Vimeo.


The Sound Library allows you to create a sound library from sound clips you upload to Inzu or via embeds from sites like Soundcloud.


Collate information about you or your company that has featured in the press in the Press Library. An image, external web link and description can be added.


For all your site’s legal information such as Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


The Blog Library allows a blog to be added to your site that features image and file attachments.


If you want to keep a complete catalogue of your products even when they are no longer for sale, then you can use the Catalogue Library. This is useful for creating a music discography.


If you want to offer free downloads on your site, the Downloads Library is a good way to keep them all in one place. Files of up to 10MB may be uploaded, or you can link to downloads on other sites.

With a download library in place, you can select files using the File Browser and include them in other entries. This saves you having to upload files multiple times if used across your website.


The Testimonials Library is a library for all your testimonials - this could be for your whole organisation or a particular product.


The Links Library is a straightforward list of links you can use to create a links page for your site.


All your contact information can be kept in the Contact library.