Content library

We have created a series of content types based on common website sections such as News, Events, Contact, Gallery, Blog, Testimonials etc., so you don’t have to worry about setting up these forms from scratch.

If you have a page type that isn’t featured in the Content Library then using the Articles section, a general web content type, will cover your needs in most cases. Article pages can be sub-divided into sections, giving you your own set of defined content types if you need them.

The advantage of the Inzu Content Library is that we have created the forms for you - so for ‘Events' for example, content files like Location, Venue, Entrance fee etc. already exist without you having to create them. Because each field is distinct within the API (the interface between your website and Inzu), they can be isolated and presented differently.

As an example, you may want to display ‘Events Entrance Fees' in large text with a bold background colour or make the headline text very large - with Inzu that is easy to do as the information types are separate and clearly defined. When it comes to designing a page, the look can be highly customised whilst clear and efficient to update.

The Content Library also offers a way for you to quickly go to a content type on your site rather than a particular page. So if you have a lot of new photos to upload, just use the Gallery ‘quick launch' button on Inzu and you’ll see all the Gallery pages of your site in one place, even if they are in different sections.

When it comes to building your website, the Content Library also allows you to create different page views depending on the content type. Instead of every page looking the same, you may want to have all your gallery pages use a smaller navigation to make the images take centre stage; or maybe use a smaller body text on ‘News' to fit lots of stories on one page.

With Inzu you can create a web experience where design is in harmony with the content delivered.