Creating entries

With a new node entry created, you have the option to assign a content type by choosing an option from the ‘Type' drop-down menu:

Note: If the node does not require content and is just being used to contain sub-pages then ‘Type’ can be left unchanged. Otherwise a content type should be selected such as News, Events, Gallery etc.

If a content type does not exist for the page you are creating then the ‘Articles' section should be used, as this content type is suitable for most web pages.

The ‘Type' menu not only allows you to select content types from the Inzu cloud CMS, but also from sections you have created using Inzu cloud e-commerce platform. You can also add offer pages and store cart/checkout pages.

Assigning/Creating An Entry

With a node and content type selected, a new drop-down will appear for the node. This drop-down comprises of three options:

When you select to create a new entry or use an existing one, a button will appear to go to it: