Inzu provides a range of e-commerce services that allow you take payments for:

Because Inzu is a cloud service your product line or individual items can be featured on any website.

Your customers will pay via Inzu's secure Payment Gateway with the option of using debit/credit card or PayPal. This way you won't have to worry about SSL certificates, PCI compliance or other security issues.

Getting started

To accept card payments you must connect a free Stripe account via Account Settings -> E-commerce.

To accept PayPal payments you must connect a PayPal account via Account Settings -> E-commerce.

Funds from all transactions minus any fees are sent directly to you and you will deal with customers regarding refunds and disputes. Transaction fees are explained on this page.


We've teamed up with TaxJar.com so you can calculate sales tax/VAT for each sale automatically. As tax charges depend on the type of goods sold, your business location and the location of the customer - we strongly advise you to use automatic tax calculations.

Go to Account Setting -> Tax settings to add add this free feature.


If you are going to be sending mail-order products it's important you understand how shipping charges are calculated on Inzu, please read the shipping guide in the 'My Store' section for more information.