INZU Page or Website

What's the difference?

With an Inzu account you'll be able publish content it in two main ways – via an Inzu Page or your own website.

Inzu Page

Inzu Pages are a great way to get started online. Once you register for an Inzu account, you can set up your Inzu Page straightaway - for free - and start adding content.

You don't need to have any website design or development skills to set up your page – they use a standard mobile friendly 'responsive' template design and contain an in-page editor, which allows you to customise your page with your own images and text colours.

Inzu Pages can be "followed" by any Inzu customer with your latest products and updates featuring in their personalized content stream.

Your website

An Inzu driven website looks and performs just like any other normal website, the difference being content, pictures and videos are stored on Inzu's servers. The benefit of this approach is that you're not limited to publishing your content on just one website.

Inzu does not impose any design or programming restrictions on your website, you to have complete creative control over how your website looks and functions. This gives real flexibility to your site design; a developer can create a bespoke design, buy an off-the-shelf designer template or use one of the free examples available from Inzu to get started.

Developers can get full details on how the technical side of an Inzu cloud site works on the Inzu developer site.

Dual Realities

The good news is you don't have to choose between an Inzu Page and your own website, you can take advantage of both publication methods. When you update your account if you use both outlets they will be updated at the same time.